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Two terrible lunches, the ‘odd crumb’ & salvation…

28th April 2016

Oh dear. I am enjoying time catching up with my friends and, being the foodie types, we like to eat out. So yesterday and today, I met up with…

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Galton & a Chocolate Nemesis…

3rd April 2016

Sunday afternoon. The first day of 2016 that has actually felt like spring. And I am doing one of my favourite things – cooking with chocolate.

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Happy Easter – a short blog!

27th March 2016

I hope that you are all having a wonderful day, whether you’re at home with your family or enjoying time away.

I had a lovely lunch out at my favourite…

Local Reviews

Gluten-free & the Earsham Street Deli

25th March 2016

I am home! The sun is shining, I have four days off, a rare treat, and while working on Your Gluten Freedom, The Delicate Diner and creative¬†projects, I also…