• Ginger banoffee pie

    Gin-Banoffee pie

    1st February 2023The Delicate Diner

    This is a delicious banoffee pie – with a twist! Introducing my gin-banoffee pie with ginger, which takes this dessert to another level!

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  • Samantha’s Home Bistro – rhubarb and ginger chutney

    26th March 2016The Delicate Diner

    Ah, hello Saturday – so good to see a relaxing one again. My New Year’s resolution is one that, thus far, I am managing to keep, and that is to have Saturdays off. My day to day job is owning/running an Arabian horse magazine and the deadlines always come around quickly! Invariably, working seven days a week, into the evenings as well as the early hours of the morning, is the norm. So I decided, this year, to have Saturdays off. I actually love working on Sundays – it’s so peaceful and I always seem to get more done. But…

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