bad food

  • Two terrible lunches, the ‘odd crumb’ & salvation…

    28th April 2016The Delicate Diner

    Oh dear. I am enjoying time catching up with my friends and, being the foodie types, we like to eat out. So yesterday and today, I met up with friends; yesterday, the food was sent back; today, we walked out. I know that being a Delicate Diner does make things a little more difficult than usual but I am quite shocked at both yesterday’s and today’s experiences, for different reasons. Although both could result in serious consequences. Day two, further down, is the more disturbing read if you are Coealic or gluten intolerant and it raises many questions about education…

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  • From the worst cake to a delicious sweet pie!

    22nd April 2016The Delicate Diner

    I am sorry for being so absent – my few days in Las Vegas was very busy, full of migraines and headaches, meetings and work, and then the horse show to focus on too! The food was average in the hotel I was in and was summed up by this cake below… I’d ordered steak for the last night in Vegas, and gone through all the options with my waiter. There was no sauce option for me – even the champagne sauce contains gluten (seriously?!) – so the waiter proudly presented me with a plate of steak with lemon butter sauce, that…

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