• Ginger banoffee pie

    Gin-Banoffee pie

    1st February 2023The Delicate Diner

    This is a delicious banoffee pie – with a twist! Introducing my gin-banoffee pie with ginger, which takes this dessert to another level!

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  • Saffron rice pudding

    Norfolk Saffron creamy rice pudding

    28th November 2020The Delicate Diner

    Old Hall Farm in Woodton isn’t just about their rare breed pork and beef – their raw Jersey cream and milk can be used in many ways and I have made the perfect dish for the change in the weather right now – a rice pudding. I think we all have those memories of school rice pudding with a spoonful of jam in the middle and, having fallen out of love with it, I now rate a chilled rice pudding as one of my ultimate desserts. Part of the beauty of the milk from Old Hall Farm is that several…

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