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    The Agriculture Bill – we need to act now!

    11th June 2020The Delicate Diner

    Sign the petition here: While all our attention has been on getting through the COVID-19 pandemic with friends and family unscathed, the British government is close to putting through a Bill that will have a huge impact on food standards – and we all need to act now to prevent this from happening. In essence, the government has voted against an amendment to the UK’s Agriculture Bill that would have guaranteed high standards for food imports entering the UK post-Brexit. This would mark the biggest reform in British farming since 1945. Needless to say, farming groups had already lobbied…

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  • #MeatTheButcher – The Art of Butchery at the Royal Norfolk Show

    15th June 2016The Delicate Diner

    Farming and Norfolk go hand in hand. Driving around the county, as well as neighbouring Suffolk, you see vast fields of arable crops; pastures with cows, gently chewing the cud under a tree; and also great parts of the countryside devoted to pigs. This part of the UK has the best pork in the country and, seeing how the live and thrive, it is easy to see why. I, myself, grew up on a farm estate and while my interest was more in the horses than the cows, sheep and chickens, they were part of the fabric of my life.…

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