April 2016


Two terrible lunches, the ‘odd crumb’ & salvation…

28th April 2016

Oh dear. I am enjoying time catching up with my friends and, being the foodie types, we like to eat out. So yesterday and today, I met up with…


From the worst cake to a delicious sweet pie!

22nd April 2016

I am sorry for being so absent – my few days in Las Vegas was very busy, full of migraines and headaches, meetings and work, and then the horse…


The Delicate Diner joins Twitter!

10th April 2016

It is funny. You start something and very quickly, you outgrow things. I had originally planned a full website for The Delicate Diner but decided that I didn’t have…

Gluten Free Recipes

Galton & a Chocolate Nemesis…

3rd April 2016

Sunday afternoon. The first day of 2016 that has actually felt like spring. And I am doing one of my favourite things – cooking with chocolate.

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