Bonfire night

5th November 2018Samantha Mattocks

Bonfire night. The night that could have dramatically changed the UK had the Gunpowder Plot gone ahead. Instead, people celebrate the macabre execution of Guy Fawkes et al by letting off fireworks into the sky. Over the centuries, the reason for the celebrations has been lost, but the ingrained need for earthy flavours that warm has remained.

There is something about November. I find this is the month when all our deep-rooted instincts come to the fore. The darker days signal hibernation, and the need to feed our souls to keep us warm through these months. And the two seem to converge on this day.

After a busy deadline day, I looked to see what was in the cupboards and the freezer. Bonfire night has to be all about bangers and these pork and apple gluten-free snorkers from Old Hall Farm were frozen a few weeks ago. Add onion, squash, peas, parsley, lentils, chestnuts and red wine and you have a bowl full of heaven. Celebrate safely.

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