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  • Sharing a brilliant article

    9th August 2016The Delicate Diner

    I am just enjoying the three-day eventing for the Olympics and during the break, this article caught my eye. Seven things restaurants don’t understand about gluten. Truly worth a read. Especially if you work in hospitality. And essential if you are a chef or a waiter. The horses are jumping again – have a good afternoon all, and enjoy the read. Samantha xx

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  • The comfort of food on thundery days

    25th June 2016The Delicate Diner

    What a few days it has been! Thunder, lightning and torrential rain. I know that I have got drenched many times and I suspect that you all have, too. I find it hard to believe that it is the last Saturday in June and for the last three hours, the skies have been dark – aside from the occasional flash of lightning! I am, unfortunately, one of those people that suffers from migraines. I have done since I was 13 – the flashing light kind, as a general migraine, and the very first time I experienced this, I thought I…

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  • An Update from Your Gluten Freedom – beer, bangers and more beer!

    9th June 2016The Delicate Diner

    Good evening, my lovely Delicate Diners! I hope that you are all well. I like to picture you reading this, sat out in the garden and enjoying the late sun of another lovely June day, a glass of wine in hand and your other half slaving over a hot stove, preparing you a plate of gluten-free deliciousness. Or, maybe you are like me. In from a superb day in Norwich – I have been talking all things The Delicate Diner/Your Gluten Freedom – cat cursing you as you have been out all day and hasn’t been fed yet, and dinner…

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  • Coeliac Awareness Week: My Top Ten Tips

    13th May 2016The Delicate Diner

    This week is Coeliac Awareness Week here in the UK and my Twitter feed is full of information about this disease, as well as special offers for those affected by it. An estimated half a million people in the UK alone are undiagnosed sufferers of Coeliac Disease. And that is without taking into account those that are intolerant to gluten, such as myself. Awareness of both conditions is essential – as my Two terrible lunches, the ‘odd crumb’ & salvation… blog proved. Your Gluten Freedom has just held its second Expo here in Norwich, and we have only just begun to share things…

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  • Galton & a Chocolate Nemesis…

    3rd April 2016The Delicate Diner

    Sunday afternoon. The first day of 2016 that has actually felt like spring. And I am doing one of my favourite things – cooking with chocolate. I should point out that this is not as I have been daydreaming about chocolate. After all, it was Easter last weekend and, while I am a great chocolate saver and have only just started to nibble the ears of my dark Lindt bunny (to the horror of my chocoholic friend, Wizzy!), I feel no need to be making anything chocolatey and unctuous right now. So, why the chocolate? In a word – Galton.…

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