Crispy crispy crackling…

4th September 2016Samantha Mattocks

Sunday afternoon. The end of an incredibly hectic deadline – one that has been amazing, emotional and educational all rolled into one. I have just poured a deliciously large gin and tonic – The Botanist with Fever Tree, since you ask – and I have half an eye on the showjumping from Burghley. After all, once a horse girl, always a horse girl.

More to the point, I am in need of comfort. For many reasons. Wiped out from long days in the office, staring at a screen and agonising over photographs of Arabian horses when there is just a whisker of difference between the two; which is the best?

The weather has also turned. No more leaving the office door wide open all day. There is a nip in the air, a tang on the breeze. Autumn is slowly, gently, starting to embrace us with her cooler temperatures and russet hues.

The combination of all this means – the Sunday night roast is back. Yes, summer will see roast salmon or chicken – served with buttered potatoes, salad, rice… I am talking about the all encompassing, plate-hugging ‘winter’ roast – Yorkshire puddings, parsnips, roast potatoes, savoy cabbage. Homemade apple sauce. And this…

Proper, crispy crackling on local shoulder of pork.

I can’t wait.

For me, roast pork and crackling is a once every few months meal, and I can think of no better way to welcome back the autumnal days than having this celebration of what Norfolk does best – pork.

Add to that a glass or two of wine Poldark returning, candlelight warming the hearth. Yes, summer may be over but there much to be thankful for.

Normal service from The Delicate Diner will resume this week. I have missed expressing myself in a different way. I hope you can forgive my absence. And this is a teaser as to why…

Have a wonderful evening, whatever you are up to.

Samantha xx

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