Food for families

  • The art of risotto

    16th April 2020The Delicate Diner

    Risotto. That simple, comforting bowl of creamy goodness that we all need right now. We all know that we are living in difficult and challenging times – I am not going to use this space as a place to talk about that. Instead, I am offering some light relief from the news – along with a store cupboard recipe that everyone can enjoy. Many people say that risotto is difficult to make. I have never found it to be, and I actually find it quite soothing, gently stirring the grains of rice until they are perfectly al dente. Risotto is…

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  • The Butcher's House oxtail & ale stew

    23rd March 2020The Delicate Diner

    Oxtail is an underrated cut of meat – and a far cry from the soups of our childhoods. One of the cheapest cuts, if not the cheapest, of beef, oxtail is full of flavour and benefits from slow cooking. This recipe easily feeds a family of four, with leftovers for another day. INGREDIENTS1 oxtail, jointedYare Valley rapeseed oil2 red onions, quartered3 or 4 bay leaves2 celery stalks, chopped2 large carrots, slicedWhite and pink peppercornsHalf a swede, dicedDried parsley & dried oregano1 beef stock pot1 bottle Broadside beerTomato pureeAround 5g porcini mushroomsCornflour Add a splash of Yare Valley rapeseed oil to…

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  • Old Hall Farm beef sausage & mushroom casserole

    16th March 2020The Delicate Diner

    Old Hall Farm sausages are packed full of meat and therefore, are full of flavour. This simple recipe will feed a family of four and it is so easy to do. You can even cook in a slow cooker on low, meaning that you can get on with your day while the pot does its thing! INGREDIENTS8 Old Hall Farm beef sausagesYare Valley rapeseed oil2 small shallots, sliced2 celery sticks, sliced2 bay leaves2 large carrots, sliced2 parsnips, quartered and sliced4 medium potatoes, cut into piecesDried parsleyA beef stock potSalt & pepperA good handful of mushrooms, slicedCornflour You need a large…

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