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7th September 2016
Like me, Tina has spent time in the Middle East and as such, she is very much into flavour. In fact, the biggest compliment I can pay Tina is that I would serve her own food at my own parties, it is that good, and the flavours that she uses are ones that I love.
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Crispy crispy crackling…

4th September 2016

Sunday afternoon. The end of an incredibly hectic deadline – one that has been amazing, emotional and educational all rolled into one. I have just poured a deliciously large…

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An indulgent Saturday brunch…

13th August 2016

Saturday morning. I am feeling a mixture of emotions – tired, anxious, excited, and full of Olympic energy. The sun is shining – as always, too brightly into my…

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Sharing a brilliant article

9th August 2016

I am just enjoying the three-day eventing for the Olympics and during the break, this article caught my eye. 

Seven things restaurants don’t understand about gluten. 
Truly worth a read. Especially…

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My dear Delicate Diners…

26th July 2016

It seems like forever since I last wrote on here. It is only 17 days, so the computer tells me, but it feels like a lifetime. So much has…