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  • The Delicate Diner joins Twitter!

    10th April 2016The Delicate Diner

    It is funny. You start something and very quickly, you outgrow things. I had originally planned a full website for The Delicate Diner but decided that I didn’t have time to do that right now – what with running The Arabian Magazine (horses), being on the Board for Your Gluten…

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  • Galton & a Chocolate Nemesis…

    3rd April 2016The Delicate Diner

    Sunday afternoon. The first day of 2016 that has actually felt like spring. And I am doing one of my favourite things – cooking with chocolate. I should point out that this is not as I have been daydreaming about chocolate. After all, it was Easter last weekend and, while…

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  • Happy Easter – a short blog!

    27th March 2016The Delicate Diner

    I hope that you are all having a wonderful day, whether you’re at home with your family or enjoying time away. I had a lovely lunch out at my favourite restaurant in Norfolk, Relish, found at Newton Flotman. As everything is made fresh, being gluten and dairy-free is not a…

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  • Samantha’s Home Bistro – rhubarb and ginger chutney

    26th March 2016The Delicate Diner

    Ah, hello Saturday – so good to see a relaxing one again. My New Year’s resolution is one that, thus far, I am managing to keep, and that is to have Saturdays off. My day to day job is owning/running an Arabian horse magazine and the deadlines always come around…

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  • Gluten-free & the Earsham Street Deli

    25th March 2016The Delicate Diner

    I am home! The sun is shining, I have four days off, a rare treat, and while working on Your Gluten Freedom, The Delicate Diner and creative projects, I also have some time to just enjoy being back home. Indeed, I have already been out and done my shopping for the weekend…

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  • Deconstruction in Dubai

    20th March 2016The Delicate Diner

    I have almost come to the end of my business part of my Middle Eastern trip – I am just waiting to head to an Arabian horse farm, where I will be doing the commentary. I love seeing breeding programmes and how they develop down the generations, and this will…

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  • Jim’s Kitchen Table – a gluten-free delight in Abu Dhabi

    15th March 2016The Delicate Diner

    Abu Dhabi was good to me tonight! My friend, Marion, suggested that we go out for dinner, so I had a little look on Doctor Google to see if I could find any hidden treasures that would go down with a Delicate Diner like me. Marion is also trying to…

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  • Plain food…

    14th March 2016The Delicate Diner

    I have just arrived in the Middle East and decided, en route, to do a blog entry. For, my dear Delicate Diners, plane food – or plain food – is something that we have to approach with trepidation… My first happy result was that my ordered gluten-free meal was there.…

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  • Wow, what a welcome!

    12th March 2016The Delicate Diner

    This blog/site is as much about you as it is about me. If we have any kind of intolerance, then we are all Delicate Diners, at the end of the day…

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  • Welcome to The Delicate Diner!

    12th March 2016The Delicate Diner

    Being a Delicate Diner in the modern world can be a challenging one – and then is the reaction from others – to stop being difficult, fussy or even to ‘grow up and eat what’s in front of you’. If only it were that simple!

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